“Within an hour, take care of your mental health” – Libero Quotidiano

Not all that glitters is gold. He knows something about her Chiara Ferragni ch as revealed some time ago in treatment with a psychiatrist after suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. Now the fashion blogger has posted an appeal to everyone in stories on Instagram. to take care of himselfAlute area. It is just as important as the body. “It’s been a long day, I’ll see my psychiatrist in an hour: Always remember to take care of your mental health (and that we all have something to work on).”

In recent weeks, Chiara Ferragni has captivated her followers and made it clear that she did too suffered from anxiety Like a lot of people. He therefore stresses that it is necessary to turn to those who can take care of mental health, and it is a gift to be given.

“I see a psychiatrist once a week, and it’s an experience I recommend to everyone. Have you ever had anxiety and panic attacks? Yes, anxiety even now, at certain times. During panic attacks, I struggled quite a bit in 2015 when I was in Los Angeles and I felt lonely.” Far from the people who really loved me. I was able to get over them by throwing myself into my fears, but each experience is naturally different.”

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