Withdrawal of food: Be aware of external fragments and microbiological hazards

What food recalls released this week are so urgent that we need to be careful, detail.

Watch out for these food recalls to the authorities and that consumers are required to know. There are several levels of reported risk. This thing directly affects the people who have done their homework.

Food reminder of the week

Grocery shopping is a very responsible procedure but some items purchased in the last week may be affected by the recall. So it is good for people who have been to supermarkets, discount stores and other outlets to check the goods they have purchased recently.

The food recalls in the case that were involved in actions recently announced by both the Ministry of Health and RASFF – the European Rapid Food and Feed Safety System – are affected by various issues.

Real or presumed problems, which in no case require food withdrawals to be carried out, both as a precautionary measure and to protect people’s health as much as possible.

Food reminders, notifications to know about the last week

This situation has seen the involvement of the police, with carabinieri from people who have put seals on thousands of products. Thousands and thousands of euros is the value of the goods subject to confiscation. Many very serious crimes were discovered, as they occurred.

Food reminder of the week
Cart in the supermarket (Canva – recipesprint.it)

Maxi confiscated by the people, thousands of kilograms of products were banned

In this case, there is an alarm indicating the presence of the bacteria causing it Listeria monocytogenes. In the event of ingestion there could be serious health problems, with obvious symptoms and the possibility of having to request an ambulance intervention.

There are microbiological hazards in this product, do not eat it

Food reminder of the week
Man shopping in the supermarket (Canva – recipesprint.it)

Confirm the presence of a strong pesticide, which is the chlorpyrifos ethyl. It is one of the most powerful and harmful, so much so that it was actually banned in the European Commission several years ago.

Pesticide alert, the sale of this food has been banned in Italy

famous product Bologna-based company represents an important problem, to the point of being able to pose a serious risk to consumers. In the link below it is possible to see the brand and other useful information to get to know the article.

Recalled granarolo yogurt: Foreign bodies in this batch

Hereby, it is important for consumers to be careful not to take risks which may always be possible.

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