With this trick it’s very simple

Do you have conversations that you, for one reason or another, want to hide or even disappear from your smartphone? There is a simple and effective trick, here are all the details

This is undoubtedly one of the most recurring topics in recent years privacy related. It’s a good idea to keep your personal data protected, especially because of the alarms that keep popping up. Phishing Attempts, Malware and Hacker Campaigns And much more, all the elements that are nothing short of disturbing.

Chat disappear 20221004 mobiles.it
If you want to make chats disappear temporarily from your smartphone and keep them away from snoopers, there is a very simple and effective way (Adobe Stock)

But you have to be really careful with The so-called “spies” You can meet her in real life, the ability to peek into your phones and access to private chats and other sensitive information. Did you know that there is a file Very comfortable makeup To hide conversations that you don’t want to see around you right away?

How to make conversations disappear, there is a simple and effective trick

If you want immediately make conversations disappear from your phone, To make it inaccessible to others, know that there is a simple and effective way to hide it ASAP. You will have to apply How to hide apps. So we are talking about real software, not content. By doing that, the app will still be hidden inside your phone, but it will still be installed. A small step to avoid boredom and annoying Go to uninstall the program.

Chat disappear 20221004 mobiles.it
Just hide the app directly (Adobe Stock)

To proceed immediately from Android, there are two ways. The first is simply going up Settings and privacy and then hide apps. A complete list of all installed programs will appear, from which you can choose and turn them on or off. By doing this, you will have to enter a secret and personal code to proceed with the unlock. On the other hand, if you decide to make the app visible again, simply open the phone’s dialer and enter your chosen code using the keyboard. Enter the last numberyou will see – as if by magic – all the hidden applications will be visible on the home page.

There is another interesting aspect in this regard. by entering the code, Applications will be visible againI’m only temporary. Once you finish using it, everything will go back to being invisible. So you can be sure that scammers and snoopers aren’t checking your stuff, in case you forget it Reset selected apps to invisible.

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