With this 100 lira, you earn 3000 euros: here’s what. “crazy”

The 100-lira coin rightfully entered the “hearts” of Italians during a “career” that lasted about half a century, including the entire second half of the twentieth century until the lira was disposed of in 2002. Even if it was not only she of this value Minerva It was certainly the most widespread in the long history of Italian coinage, and was frequently nicknamed for depicting the Roman goddess of wisdom. 100 lira coins are still very popular and popular among collectors today, and some samples can prove incredibly profitable.

With this 100 lira, you earn 3000 euros: here’s what. “crazy”

100 lira Minerva, It is also called the first type to distinguish it from the unlucky type second type, A type of miniature version of the same species, never appreciated by the population due to its small size, was coined continuously from 1955 until 1989, when it was replaced by Type II for a few years then who Italy Tower. In general, it is difficult to find them in perfect condition because they are so scattered and often abused. On these coins, the goddess is depicted holding a spear and next to a tree laurel.

The Minervaand all made of Acmonital aluminum alloy, is particularly interesting in the early years: all those made in the 1950s if in perfect condition can also be worth a few hundred euros, but the rarest of all is 100 lira from trialdated 1954, and the mint made it as a model for mass production starting the following year.

Unlike other coins, the demo version is practically identical to those made in the following decades, except for the lowercase Experience Present on the right side of the Minerva which testify to the uniqueness and rarity of the coin. This is because finding one is extremely rare, because even the mint did not give the exact number of samples: the value of this problem is 3000 euros.

100 lira

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