With these stones, you can fight anxiety, stress and insomnia

It has been a year since the pandemic changed everyone’s lives. In this period, hope and anxiety constantly followed each other. This caused an unprecedented burden of anxiety and stress. Insomnia has become a part of many of us’s lives, as evidenced by the peak of anxiolytic consumption that came from our most recent monitoring ofAifa. Prolonging the crisis has a negative impact on our entire society and the use of benzodiazepines can turn into abuse with all the consequences of the condition.

On the other hand, but with the same goal, in the past year alternative medicine has started to generate a lot of interest, in particular Crystal treatment. A natural remedy with very ancient roots that aims to heal the power of stones.

With these stones, you can fight anxiety, stress and insomnia. What is the most suitable?

Crystal Therapy promises to work on the causes of anxiety, stress and insomnia. Unlike medications that focus on fighting symptoms. Therefore, for this type of malaise, it is recommended to use stones that increase self-awareness. Especially:

  • Lapis lazuli, a blue stone that promotes relaxation and comfort;
  • Agate, a volcanic stone of origin that, with its properties, facilitates the acceptance of events, contrasts with mood, depression, and disease;
  • Amethyst is a beautiful purple stone known to have a beneficial effect on diseases affecting the nervous system.
  • Rose quartz, a very common stone that acts on the environment in which it is placed, dispersing the negative energies that affect us;
  • Topaz, a stone that exists in various colors and appears to be able to fight depression and stress.
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How are stones used?

The use of stones in crystal therapy depends on the type of stone used but also on its size. The desired result can be achieved with daily use, with the stone always in contact with the skin. Or by applying it temporarily to yourself, setting it in an environment or meditating with the crystal in your hands.

Can these stones be used to counter anxiety, stress and insomnia? Even if the scientific nature of crystal therapy has not been proven, there are still no side effects. So, as the saying goes, it never hurts to try.

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