With these diseases, Law 104 is obtained with a simple medical certificate without a visit from the INPS

When you have a physical and/or mental disability, you cannot always carry out all of your daily tasks without the help of others. In fact, you often have to rely on the care of domestic helpers or relatives who provide support on a daily basis. However, both the disabled and the family members who take care of him get some benefits and privileges that make the condition of the disability less of a burden.

Beyond that also economic subsidies since Under Law 104, allowances of 750 are also payable to family members whose income is more than 30,000 at the time of application.. Moreover, it is necessary to know in detail the social and financial measures that our government offers to the disabled. A good knowledge of your rights thus avoids losing some of the benefits and facilities related to the possibility of taking time off work without losing money.

To this end, we remind you of this Family members and Law 104 holders are always entitled to these three paychecks. Therefore, an employer who refuses to recognize some salary is committing a crime, and it is up to the employee to defend himself against any abuse of power. However in some cases With Law 104, absence from work punishes these items in salary As a result, the receivables are reduced. But no matter the risk of suffering salary cuts, vacation days can still be requested to provide for special needs related to disability. Moreover, with these diseases, law 104 is obtained with a simple medical certificate without a visit from the INPS commission. Thus, it is not necessary to go in person or accompany a nearby disabled person to the legal offices of medical examiners to certify the disability status.

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With these diseases, Law 104 is obtained with a simple medical certificate without a visit from the INPS

In order to benefit from the protection measures and financial and professional facilities provided for in Law 104, it is necessary to undergo a health assessment. according to Legislative Decree 289/2002 However, there is an exception to this procedure for individuals with a specific intellectual disability. And no circular. INPS 128/2003 reiterates that even a general practitioner can declare a risk status to people with Down syndrome.

Basically, in addition to the INPS committee of the local health authorities, the attending physicians can certify for themselves the state of disability in patients with Down syndrome. Moreover, the current legislation provides for the complete exemption of such subjects from subsequent visits and medical examinations. However, this is only possible to the extent that the GP also provides an indication of the applicant’s “Model Vehicle” along with the certification.

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