With the help of probiotics for the intestine

After the end of the recess, the intestines can find themselves inverted due to stress as well as due to poor feeding. Probiotics can be used to help with swelling, pain, and other ailments!

Say goodbye to Dreaming about holidays Always creates Suffered back At work, in the city and in everyday life. Organism Boy Resent He shows us to him malaise With migraine, anxiety, difficult digestion, intestinal disorders and agitation.

This also happens in Property, when Say hello to the beach, The rest a Tan. The body and the brain work Refusal Get to know who I am Pre-holiday rhythms And struggle to Get used to it All Tensions that Daily Brings us to a confrontation.

Doctor’s opinion


“Intestine Manifested discomfort Swelling and swelling e swelling It is often present with severe type E pain crampiforme, That accompany a Functional irregularity With stages of dysentery and / or constipation. In these cases, the The right amount of dietary fiber, Which reduces use bran Based on Whole grain productsGrapes and legumes boost fiber intake Soluble in water (Especially apples, carrots, peaches, and citrus fruits).

It matters, too Limit foods Able to preference a level Intestinal stress Such as coffee, Fried Sausage, Very spicy foods Latte Especially in those who show noticeable swelling Ventral Secretions of diarrhea. Point Important Is frequent A change Dependent Intestinal flora And in favor of rebalancing it is very useful to take Appendix From Lactic Yeast “probiotic”.

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Benefits of probiotics

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I Lactic yeast is a probiotic Reducing intestinal gas production, and restoringBacterial flora balance And produces Fatty acids The short string: makes up one A good source of energy To promote intestinal metabolism Correct cell clone From the walls Colon With preventive action on degenerative processes Intestine.

On top of that I am Probiotics favor Accommodating Of water and electrolytes, contribute to reducing Bacterial fermentation Of foods, work on Metabolism From bile acids, reducing visceral hypersensitivity and gastrointestinal hypermobility.

All activities started, such as consequence, contribute to Relieving bothersome symptoms Related to the defect Intestine. There is, too The psychosomatic component Conditions Good performance Intestine.

“So it is also important to suggest accreditation Behavioral measures What they can Reflect positively About a person’s quality of life: Activities Physics and the ability to Season Of the positions ansiogene Be out Professionals a Spread, Encourage meeting people who are helping Resolve tensions And do not feed pressure and the possibility of eating Natural products With a slight effect Relax Like hawthorn or Valerian. “

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