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Flood of Emilia-Romagna: there are health risks due to standing water; the reasons

Backwater in Emilia-Romagna after a floodBackwater in Emilia-Romagna after a floodNot only victims and material damage floods that affectedEmilia-Romagna
In the last days they can now submit to the gods Serious health risks.

Actually, we are talking about it stagnant water Contaminated by the presence of sewage, waste and animal carcasses that may be the cause of it Bacterial infections and increased viruses and mosquitoes.

It also reports Skateage 24 Mayor of Conselice, Paula Paula, on a law requiring citizens of areas still flooded to leave their homes for sanitation reasons. This procedure was agreed upon due to the difficulties of water disposal.

Furthermore, regarding the topic considered, Professor of Clinical Microbiology at the University of Salento intervened, Frances Broccoliwho said:There are immediate risks, such as infection transmitted directly through contaminated water, and others that prepare for the arrival of heat, especially the potential increase in the numbers of virus-carrying mosquitoes.“.”Compared to other natural disasters, floods face another problem in terms of health risks because microorganisms capable of inducing transmission can be found in water contaminated with sewage faeces and animal carcasses.“, adds the expert.

In short, there is an infection that can occur instantly, due to contact with contaminated water with small cuts or wounds. In addition, germs can also penetrate Clostridium tetani, or tetanus-carrying bacteria. A slight tear of the skin is enough to cause infection. For this reason, passive tetanus immunoprophylaxis or a tetanus vaccine is recommended.

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