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In New York, among the costumes of the Italian theater company at the New York Theater Kairos Italia, there is also Laura Caparotti, a great Roman fan of Bruno Conte, who in 2008 helped found the Club of Rome in New York. We also caught his reaction

The capital, a few days ago, was bombing. After the announcement of Jose Mourinho as the new coach of Roma, attention around the world turned to the colors yellow and red.

“Daje,” Special One wrote to celebrate the news In an Instagram post spread around the world. Which – which Give Many have said it, both in Rome and abroad. In fact, in New York, not far from the Empire State Building, wolf lovers who live in the United States have a special place to share their passion. This is Club Roma in New York, born in May 2008 thanks to the idea of ​​Giovanni Peloso, the current honorary president.

With Peloso we found ourselves talking, discovering how Manhattan lives and seeing the frantic moment the club is experiencing.

Giovanni Peloso

When President Mourinho arrives, what does this mean for Rome and what is the specific weight of this new participation?

Mourinho’s arrival is something that changed the course of the whole season in one minute. I haven’t seen much enthusiasm among Roma fans for a long time. He brought Roma back to a central position in European football. Yesterday, I was commended by many messages, not only from Romanians, but from people I know them even casually, for my choice. Mourinho is a name there is no doubt about it: the news was lightning out of the blue and that makes me very happy, in a world where fake news spreads every minute. In recent years, without talking about any professional, Roma’s choices have been on coaches. It is the second, third or fourth option: we wanted Guardiola, but we took Luis Enrique and then after all the others, as if we were saying “We cannot say” spend more “. Here we wanted to invest in one of the best coaches of all time and the best today. It reminds me very much of the choice that President Viola made in 1979 when he reached the presidency of Rome by choosing Nils Ledholm, who won the Serie A title and reached the Champions League final. An excellent choice for a change, starting with the coach. “

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The Special One definitely doesn’t run in DC to make an unknown tournament. What will be the goal of next season?

“I think his goal is always to win, as a fan, I hope a competitive team will be built for him, maybe starting with some young and fit elements like Zaniolo. However, I think the first year could be a succession. Baron Lidholm, in the first year, also stopped at Mid-table, only to win the next year if they don’t cancel Torun’s right goal. He won the Scudetto after 3 years and reached the Champions League final after 4, still the Champions Cup at that time. So I expect a great tournament, but I can’t say he will win the Scudetto. In my opinion, for him, winning in a place where winning is complicated is a challenge. “

Jose Mourinho (Flickr)

How much do you breathe at Club Roma in New York?

“Not because I am one of the founders and so is the president, but I think it is a great atmosphere, a great place. I prefer to watch the matches in the club than to watch the matches on the stadium: for me the atmosphere is better than the stadium and I feel at home here. Actually, it makes everyone feel like they’re in His house and those who come for the first time always tell me: “We felt as if we were in Rome in the Curva Sud.” Unfortunately, due to the epidemic, we have been punished by the shortage of people from Italy this year, but we are always present in all the matches. This winter we saw them outside even with the cold And snow. “

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What are the results of the tournament that ends now?

Despite the impressive performance in the European League – even if it’s not over yet – I say it’s disappointing in terms of position as well as play and commitment. We’ve suffered so many defeats against all of the teams in front of us and then recently also with those at the back. Injuries and internal disagreements did not help us less. However, I must say that watching matches without an audience cannot make the same impression as a regular tournament. I don’t like it and I’m not thrilled about it.

Roma Club in New York

From Pallotta to Friedkin, Rome is an American affair. Is this presidency better than the previous one?

Fredkins are serious entrepreneurs, and they have a strong financial position: They made choices that all fans appreciated that made clear teams with the previous management. For various reasons: constant presence in Rome and present at all and I mean all matches, no advertisement – if not the press release announcing The relationship with Fonseca ends and a few minutes after Mourinho’s engagement – and I’m just looking this year to understand what European football is, Roma, what Roma mean in the city of Rome and then they decide to change at the end of the tournament. I think all fans are more happy than Fredkin. I love. Really, the fact that they decided to move their European headquarters to Rome. We are all very excited about Mourinho’s choice and are convinced that this presidency is performing and will perform very well. “

Laura Caparotti

In New York, among the costumes of the Italian theater company in the New York Theater Kairos Italia, there is also Laura Caparotti, a Roman and a great admirer of Bruno Conte, who in 2008 helped found the Club of Rome in New York. Laura is also a VNY collaborator.

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Like Peloso, Caparotti is also convinced that for someone like Mourinho, the company must support a high-level team. “Otherwise – he explains – it is only a section of the image and as it came, it will soon disappear.” As a fan, she has clear ideas about her goals for the next season, and wants to focus “more on unknown youth with potential. Anyway, there has to be a strategy and my impression in recent years is that the strategy is missing”. It has to be said that he has returned from two strange seasons. The pandemic has also transformed football, which, however, has somehow managed to maintain our company during the months of lockdown.

“How strange it was – he concluded – to hear the voices as if you were in a small stadium to see your friends playing Sunday’s game? The sound of the ball is clear, the screaming echo between the players and the coach. As much as I act as a fan as if it was a normal season and as much as we all want to tell each other, It’s not like that. So, we’ll see. See you in the next tournament! “

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