With just two ingredients, you can say goodbye to split ends. I’ll tell you how!

Say goodbye to split ends with this natural two-ingredient remedy. The result will be really amazing.

If split ends are a problem that you’re tired of having to deal with without getting better, you’re in the right place. Among the many remedies that can help you get rid of it, there is actually one that can It makes them disappear while making your hair softer and shinier.

Ingredients against split ends (

To implement it, just open the pantry and take what you want. Definitely a cheap and practical way to get smoother hair, without split ends Very special lighting. after vision How to deal with it thanks to coconut oilfrom today you can actually fix it more easily.

Here are the two ingredients that will help you get rid of split ends

For perfect and easy-to-style hair, one of the main requirements is the absence of split ends. Indeed, when they are present, the hair is more difficult to comb, and less pleasant to see It is usually curly. To solve the problem, you can combine two ingredients that you definitely have at home, extra virgin olive oil and honey. In addition to being cheap, these two ingredients are rich in useful properties, They are environmentally friendly and work better than others that cost more and promise more than they give.

Ingredients against split ends
Ingredients against split ends (

By mixing them together (three teaspoons of oil and three teaspoons of honey, to be increased according to the volume and length of the hair) you will, in fact, create a natural remedy that is able to effectively counteract the hated split ends. Once the mixture is ready, which must be quite creamy, so as not to flow, just wash your hair and apply it to all lengths, insisting, of course, on the ends. When you’re done, (you can also just use it on the tips if you want) You will have to wait about half an hour Then rinse your hair. These will instantly be softer and easier to manage.

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To prevent honey from making your hair sticky, you can use a mild shampoo after the first rinse. For the rest, you can proceed as normal, with a conditioner (Preferably organic) and e.gDo your usual style. You’ll actually notice the difference while styling your hair because your hair will instantly become softer thanks to the restructuring power of honey.

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