“With Joe Dimaggio shirt, my dream since I was a kid” –

to Elvira cira

The captain of the blue softball has been invited to participate in the derby of the local league. “I thought it was spam! I immediately asked for the New York Yankees jersey.” Play now in Japan between Galaxy Stars

When she received an email inviting her to participate in the Home Run Derby, she thought of a joke. “But then, I well knew it wasn’t spam! I immediately gave my presence and made my only requirement to wear the Yankees jersey, my favorite team.” And not just for Joe Dimaggio.” Well, he’s definitely number one. But my dad has always been a huge fan. I grew up watching Jose Guadalupe Posada, Robinson Cano and Derek Jeter,” says Erica Biancastelli, 25, from Japan over the phone, from Modena and captain of the Italian softball team, just hired by SG Holdings of Kyoto among the Galaxy Stars, in the more famous World League. .

the challenge

The Major League Baseball tournament, on the other hand, will see the New York Yankees, Chicago Cubs, Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers challenged from July 9 to those who manage to hit the most home runs or capture the most opponents. On the fly. It has only three players per team: the legend, the star and wild card. Erica will play the “star” on Rising, along with her other artist, Nick Swisher. “The races will take place in London, Seoul and Mexico City, where I will be replaced by Stefania Aradelas, and finish in the United States. Being able to tell the world of baseball/softball around the world, in such a fun competition, with no rules, sounds great to me. It is also a unique opportunity to bring this sport to those who do not know it.”

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daughter of art

It reached its bud by osmosis. The daughter of Art, her father Pierre Andrea and her mother Loredana Oletta both played at A1 in Modena. Then the mother played 61 races in the blue, the same as her daughter (catcher, future) and the same number on the shirt, 20. “I chose to wear his number. I also competed in the 2000 Sydney Olympics and grew up imagining that one day I could reach the same goal.” The goal achieved last year in Tokyo, as a leader. “My dream now is to participate in the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles. Before, in France, it was impossible because our sport is not allowed, but the hope is that it will change for the games in the United States, where baseball and softball are very popular.”

in the “temple”

Another Italian called up recently In America to play Nba Celebrity: High Skater Gianmarco Tamberi. Guest of honor at the Basketball Temple. However, Erica Biancastelli is something else: she plays at home. He said, “We moved near San Diego for our dad’s job as a programmer when twins Nicole and I were five years old. We were supposed to stay five years and instead stayed twenty. I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science in Louisiana in 2018. I started playing softball at the age of seven after trying countless other sports – our parents didn’t want to force us to. But I realized I wanted to live like that in college, and see how much I could still grow.” Erica didn’t say that, but when she finished college, McNeese State University pulled her shirt off. In Italy, he has already won the Forli Championship, three European Championships (two of them as captain), and has just started the season in Japan. And he concludes: «For those who practice my sport, this is Mecca, as it is practiced at the highest level. I love sushi, ramen and rice. I couldn’t feel happy. Now, among other things, there is cherry blossom ». The first game, Saturday, she won 4-2. good start!

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