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This is the third time that human remains have been seen at the bottom of the dry lake.

third series of human remains Anonymous was found in Lake Med National Recreation Area, a popular natural recreational space near Las Vegas, Nevada. This was announced Monday by the United States National Park Service. Severe drought in the west of the country caused the water levels of local lakes and rivers to drop on cold days, removing everything that was hidden on the sea floor. The age of the remains is unknown, but the service announced that investigations are already underway.

As the surface of the lake has shrunk considerably, many discoveries have been made. the first was decomposing corpseShe was found on May 1 with some personal items and a bullet wound to the head. Police believe the man was killed between the mid-1970s and early 1980s and that the mafia may have played a role in the case. On May 7, another set of bones was found on a sandbar, which, due to drought, has only appeared in the past few days. Meanwhile, the county office, with the help of the FBI, continues work to identify the remains recovered from the lake, he explained. News letters . The water level in the country’s largest reservoir, which provides this resource to nearly 20 million residents in several states in the United States and even northern Mexico, has fallen more than 52 meters since 1983. The lake is now 30% of its area. eligibility.

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