With Covid, Italians have stopped traveling for treatment – healthcare

The pandemic has slowed Italians’ movement to get treatment. In 2020, mobility between healthcare regions, that is, the balance resulting from the difference between attracting patients from other regions and “migrating” from the place of residence, reached a value of 3.3 billion, and reflects the significant disparity in healthcare services between the North and the Middle East. the South. A new report highlights it Gimpyhighlighting how the areas with the greatest traction are also in the lead for basic levels of assist.

The three regions that have initiated differentiated autonomy negotiations together account for almost half of active mobility: Lombardy (20%), Emilia-Romagna (16.5%) and Veneto (13%). Another 21% are attracted to the trinity of Lazio (8%), Piedmont (7%) and Tuscany (5%). For passive commuting, 3 regions with the highest flight rate generate debts of more than €300 million: in Lazio (14%), Lombardy (11%) and Campania (10%), while data for Calabria are not available.

Overall, 85.8% of medical trips involved normal hospitalization and day hospitalization (69%), followed by specialized outpatient services (16%). In particular, more than half of the healthcare mobility value is provided by private facilities, with a value of 1,422 million (53%), compared with 1,279 million (47%) from public utilities.

“The economic flows of health care mobility – comments Nino Cartabellotta, President of the Gympie Foundation – flow mainly from south to north, in particular towards regions that have already signed prior agreements with the government to ask for more autonomy. And beyond half of the hospitalization and specialized outpatient services end up In the vaults of private buildings, which is further evidence of poor public health. It concludes that it should also be emphasized that “it is impossible to estimate the overall economic impact of healthcare mobility which includes, among other things, the costs incurred by patients and family members of travel.”

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