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Exercise works like a real therapy, combating muscle loss, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and improving cognitive abilities. It is best to start small. To avoid problems, just adapt it to the needs of the individual

L ‘physical exercise? a Medication For everyone, but especially Senior citizens: Michael Izquierdo, Director of the Department of Public Health at the University of Navarra in Spain, confirmed during Healthy Aging Week 2021. The sooner you start to exercise the better, but it’s never too late, and even older adults can get active. starting from small Diseases related to lack of exercise, such as sarcopenia and resulting fragility are not encountered, but movement is also a real treatment that can and should be implemented with precision to reduce limitations caused by diseases that may have appeared in the third age.

Extraordinary Effects

Physical activity has extraordinary effects and can be considered a true multi-pill: in addition to resistance muscle loss Also, being overweight actually reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, improves cognitive abilities, and lowers the risk mental illnessThe main route to so-called active aging is to prevent weakness, falls and, consequently, loss of independence. We are weakened by the fusion of the organism that manifests itself with changes in the levels of certain molecules and pro-inflammatory hormones, but above all with the change in the ability to move, and even easier to assess, Francesco Landi, President of the Italian Society of Geriatrics and Geriatrics, intervenes. If an elderly person has difficulty staying still Equilibrium In certain circumstances, for example with one foot in front of the other, if he cannot get up easily from a chair without a brace, if the speed slows to less than one meter per second, in two out of three cases, you lose autonomy within the next four years . In particular, walking well is a key factor in understanding the degree of impairment because the action is highly dependent on general neuromuscular health: it cannot be done when motor coordination is poor, as occurs in conjunction with cognitive decline; This is not possible when there is a low-grade generalized inflammation, very harmful to the organs, as in the case of severe obesity in which the muscles are permeated with fat and no longer function as before.

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Beyond genetics

The good news is that the moment you become breakable Not written in the genes, it can be removed over time thanks to constant movement: exercise should not be understood as fitness in the strict sense but as a daily aerobic activity adapted to one’s circumstances: in other words, it does not mean running a marathon but using less lift, you can walk more . Landy says every day. would be the perfect one walk Too Long Daily: Times and distances have to be customized according to each individual, but the important thing is not to stop because those who stop (literally) get lost. However, even in the event of a loss of autonomy, there is room for intervention: this is evidenced by the experiments of geriatrician Marco Insitari, medical director of Parc Sanitari Pere Virgili in Barcelona, ​​who literally brought rehabilitation home to patients who had been discharged from the hospital. So we cut costs while ensuring excellent results for the elderly, because adapting physical exercise and rehabilitation in general, including indicators of sleep hygiene and nutrition, with the context and the real environment of each, is really more effective prevention because it is personal. It turns out that physical activity is a kind of “magic pill” for reducing disability, even in the most frail patients or those with cognitive deficiencies.
Even in hospitals, Izquierdo adds: 15-30 minutes of modified exercise each day, from getting up and sitting independently from a chair to walking with a treadmill, is enough to improve the physical function and independence of the elderly once they are discharged from the hospital: this means, for example, Being able to go to the bathroom on your own when you get home, which is a small goal in appearance only because it is so important to seniors and those who take care of them. Physical exercise is always safe and effective, just adapt it to everyone: it can prevent disease, be a complementary treatment, replace therapies that can be risky for the elderly, and can also be the only possibility of intervention in cases where there are To that there are no cures such as weakness, sarcopenia and cognitive deficits.

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