Wisconsin health officials urge not to eat traditional “cannibal sandwiches” during holidays

It is the season to avoid food poisoning – especially for those who are in Midwest.

Health officials at Wisconsin They warn against consuming raw meat during the festive season, particularly in the form of cannibal sandwiches, which are a favorite of Wisconsin residents and which consist of raw meat – usually beef – served on a slice of bread with raw onions.

Wisconsin warns against consuming raw meat served in it "Beef sandwiches" (IStock).

Wisconsin is warning against consuming raw meat served in “cannibal sandwiches” (iStock).

“Tiger meat,” as it is called, is a holiday staple for many in the state, but the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) is urging people to fully cook their meat.

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“For many Wisconsin families, raw meat sandwiches are a holiday tradition, but eating raw meat is never recommended due to the bacteria it can contain. Ground meat should always be cooked at 160 degrees!” The DHS tweeted Monday, in a word of advice. For food safety.


The section also stated on Facebook that uncooked meat poses a risk of infection with Salmonella, Escherichia coli, and Listeria as well.

Wisconsin has been warning about the foodborne illness associated with cannibal sandwiches for years. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said at the time, that more than 12 cases linked to Escherichia coli bacteria were confirmed in 2013 among people who ate sandwiches. The sandwiches were also reported to have been linked to an outbreak in the state in the late 1970s and early 1990s. The Associated Press reported.

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However, not everyone seems to be concerned about the warning.

“So should we stop eating lettuce? Every year these things are called out to kill people, but I don’t see all of them warning people to eat them,” one commentator challenged in a Facebook post.

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