Wired between Condé Nast channels available on Rakuten TV

Popular brands Vogue, Glamor, GQ, Vanity Fair and Wired are now on the catwalk, bringing the latest in fashion, culture and entertainment.

Rakuten TV, one of Europe’s leading VOD and streaming platform, today announced the addition of four Condé Nast channels to its free programming. famous brands Vogue, Glamor, GQ, Vanity Fair E Wired Now available on the platform, providing the latest fashion, culture and entertainment to watch for free in 42 European countries.

Condé Nast content offer also includes good Appetite, available from July in the UK, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, along with a wide range of food-themed channels. The channel presents a unique concept of content where food and culture meet, analyzing food from the perspectives of culinary, fashion, travel, technology, design and home.

From the pages of fashion bibles, Vogue magazine NS joy Comes to life with a range of exclusive new content that brings all the fashion appeal for which it is known. Runway fans can now enjoy all the glamor and glamor from the comfort of their own home with content from some of the leading fashion parties and seasonal collections, 24/7. New programming includes a collaboration with style expert Tan France to explore and improve people’s wardrobe in a fashion-oriented virtual reality experience called secret locker.

Men’s Fashion Bible GQ It provides a one-stop shop for discovering the best in men’s style and culture from around the world. The channel will focus on fashion, culture, fitness, music, travel and more, and will feature some of the world’s biggest names in the field.

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Vanity Fair, provides an editorial blend that combines research, magic, and information with beauty. The channel will offer unique content on culture, fashion and politics. In keeping with the influence of Hollywood and popular culture, Vanity Fair offers exclusive content, providing outstanding, journalistic-quality photos and stories.

For those who are culturally aware and curious, wired It offers some of the most exciting content from the worlds of science, business and entertainment, and reveals the tricks of the trade with some of the world’s best experts.

By joining Rakuten TV with some of the pioneers of digital entertainment such as Condé Nast, brands will have the opportunity to reach a large number of TV viewers and viewers across Europe. The addition of popular brands such as Vogue, Glamor, GQ, Vanity Fair, Wired and Bon Appetit to Rakuten TV’s ad-based portfolio opens up new opportunities for creating highly engaging content. With Rakuten TV, advertisers will be able to position themselves by taking advantage of Condé Nast’s premium content in key categories such as beauty, food, fashion, culture, style and politics.

Rakuten TV is part of Rakuten Advertising’s suite of advertising solutions, which enable brands to reach a unique and diverse audience by leveraging comprehensive proprietary data and premium content to deliver impactful advertising experiences. Brands will benefit from a unique discovery opportunity and access to over 90 million households across Europe (through our on-demand linear catalog).

Linear Rakuten TV channels can now be accessed for free on the Rakuten TV app on Samsung and LG Smart TV (models from 2019) devices. Users can immediately launch the application with a single click through the branded button on the remote control The app is pre-installed on selected Smart TVs.

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