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Winter Olympics in Beijing 2022 Medals will be awarded in 15 different sports. The situation has been stable since Salt Lake City 2002, since then 7 snow systems (Alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, biathlon, snowboarding, Nordic combined, snowboarding, freestyle), 5 of the ice (ice skating, speed skating, short track, hockey, curling) e 3 from the gut (sled, bob, skeleton). The family will expand in Milan-Cortina 2026, where it also enters the mountaineering and snowboarding program, an area where the Azzurri will have a concrete chance of winning a medal.

However, the question arises spontaneously about the immediate. What winter sports? Italia You have not yet reached the stage In the Olympics? Well, out of the current 15 majors, I’m the only one quattro The ones where blue has never been placed in the top three. In strict alphabetical order, the shortlist includes the netAnd freeAnd ice hockey e Ski jump.

At least two of these regions are scheduled to reach Milan-Cortina 2026 without medals, the last mentioned. In the’ice hockey Italy will not be present at Beijing 2022, with both the men’s and women’s national teams missing out on qualification. in a Ski jump We will have many Azures in the race, but none of them will get a chance to fight for the podium. In other places, however, there are some small things Coincidence There could be a medal.

Winter Olympics, the difficulty of repeating itself. The Italians who won the gold medal in two consecutive editions

in particular is the net Men dream of the first podium in five circles. Keep in mind that Italy certainly does not start with the underdogs and it seems that four countries have something more (Canada, Sweden, Great Britain and the United States). But in this sport surprises They are always around the corner and we must not forget how he leads the team Jewel Returns He only won the European bronze a few weeks ago, beating the Swedes himself, albeit in a robin match. The planets have to line up, it takes a good dose of luck, but a medal isn’t entirely out of the question.

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A similar argument also applies to free, where everyone interested in the idea of ​​rewriting the history of Italian winter sports Simon Deromedes. In the Skycross major, in December the 21-year-old snatched from Trentino the first podium of his World Cup career. Repetition in Beijing will also be a challenge, because it appears that two medals have been booked by France’s Bastien Meadoul and Terence Cheknavourian. However, the blue is undoubtedly among the top ten in discipline and anything can happen in the dry match, especially if some of the top players fall victim to unexpected events or the outsider on duty must experience the most classic days of grace.

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