Winter 2021/22, ACCUWEATHER RUNNER, WILL BE SHOCK! Direction from THRILLS »

WEATHER: WINTER 2021/22, ACCUWEATHER’s verdict, it’s going to be a shock! sexy trend

Winter Preparation by ACCUWEATHER Perhaps due to the impending and now widely expected La Niña in the Pacific Ocean, with concomitant decisive cooling of ocean waters, the winter climate on the ancient continent could be subjected to real disruption: today confirmation Shock from the approved meteorological center ACCUWEATHER Who has now published a map that gives him goosebumps.

Once unreliable, long-term forecasts, even seasonal forecasts, are becoming more and more reliable year after year which is why we talk about it.

It is clear from the illustration that only true frost and heavy snow will descend to Eastern Europe, the cold, dry climate will continue in Germany, and a more lively time in the Atlantic will strike France, while in Eastern Europe. Mediterranean and Balkan gives you excitement direction!

American Computer Center puts us on standby Possible flooding on our basins and therefore in Italy during the winter, and therefore not only in the fall, the season in which this type of phenomenon is generally more frequent.

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