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Starting at 17.30 on Monday January 3, there are many Italian users who are unable to use their mobile phone or the network to browse

As of mid-afternoon on Monday, January 3, WindTre subscribers began reporting problems receiving and making calls across Italy. as it seems from Downdetector Map, the site that monitors for any breakdowns in the phone or social companies, from about 5.30 pm in various Italian cities, connections with WindTre have been skipped.

From Turin to Bologna, and from Rome to NaplesThe problem appears to be rife throughout north-central Italy, for the time being leaving the south and islands unscathed. On social networks I sarcastic tweets from users, who were half upset and amused, expressed their disappointment with the temporary blocking of all WindTre network functions. I wanted to see a new series while I was in quarantine – writes GianShepra – but not today. Instead, VperVero points out how Twitter works, but if you open YouTube, it won’t! Twitter you sure:

At the time of writing this report No official communication from the company has been received, which did not notify its customers on social networks of any problems with the phone network. But in the meantimehashtag #windtredown Already entered the trend. To try to solve the problem, some users are suggesting to change the DNS using Google systems. But for many, the “downside” continues.

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