Windshield wipers, you can prepare the liquid for cleaning them at home: you already have everything you need

It is always necessary to keep the windshield of our car shiny and clear to have perfect vision while driving. Today we can prepare windshield washer fluid at home, and not buy it in stores.

Before hitting the road, always make sure that the machine is in perfect working order.

Windshield washer fluid
Windshield washer fluid

All of its components must be in perfect working order. This allows us to embark on the journey in a safer and more trouble-free manner.

For example, it is always necessary to check for washer fluid in the hood. Because it allows us to clean the windshield and ensures perfect driving vision.

How to make washer fluid at home

To clean the windshield of our car by spending very little money, you can do it directly at home and without much difficulty.

In general, it contains windshield washer fluid that we find in specialized stores methanolAnd the A substance harmful to the environment and the people who use it. By making a do-it-yourself product, this problem is solved, and thus you can make economic and health gains.

Windshield washer fluid
Windshield washer fluid

To be able to prepare this liquid at home, you need a few tools and a few products. First of all, we should have 3-4 liters of Distilled water (used in irons), ideal for preventing limescale build-up in the washer system pump and on the windshield, clogging and damaging the entire system. Then you need to add del Glass cleanerbetter if it is a product that produces a little foam and finally you have to mix everything by shaking the container.

This way we get a perfect product that does not risk damaging our windshield glass.

In addition to distilled water, which remains the primary product for the composition of washer fluid, other ingredients such as approx. 15ml of dish soap (always better if it makes a little more foam) fammonia (about 120 ml).

Also in this case it is necessary to mix all the materials well and start using this type of solution, which is highly recommended for those who often travel on muddy ground.

If you want to make a perfect cleanser especially during the winters, when the temperatures drop below zero, then it is a good idea to add to the above lotions as well. of denatured alcohol, about 240ml. This allows the detergent not to freeze.

Excellent advice for those who live in high mountains where temperatures are very low most of the time.

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