Windows XP. A video clip showing the hill in the background “bliss” as it is today

a Video YouTube created by Andrew Levitt wanted to investigate what many have questioned at least once, perhaps in an unconvincing way: Where was the picture of the hill from which it was taken for so many years Backend for Windows XP? But first of all: what happened to her? Is it always that perfect? In this video, the Youtuber shows us that Wallpaper “bliss” The year 2021 did not have a good ending.

Hill is located in Napa Valley, a popular countryside valley in the United States, and was chosen by Microsoft as the default background for its new operating system: Windows XP. The reason was easy to understand: this was a natural sight Maiden And it gave a feeling of peace. Everything was perfect, the blue sky, the green of the hill and the shapes of the hill: such a place should be preserved in all ways, right?

Windows XP Background.
Windows XP Background.

Indeed, in recent years Napa Valley It has been heavily modified. Hundreds of producers occupied every swath of land to grow vineyards and crops of this type, drastically changing the landscape.

Andrew Levitt He struggled a little to find the exact location of the shot, but ultimately he succeeded in that feat. The shapes are still the same, but the unspoiled colors and nature are definitely not.

The hills at the present time.
The hills at the present time.

what do you think?

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