Windows 95, the Easter egg has been hidden for 25 years

Some Easter eggs are hidden better than others. It took really well 25 years Before anyone could discover this small tribute that remained hidden in it Windows 95 operating system Waiting for someone to highlight it. what is he talking about?

As I mentioned Computer, A hacker found an Easter egg on the program Internet mail From Windows 95 operating system Never seen before. When developing a program, it is not uncommon for developers to insert a hidden secret function, message, or even a mini-game that users can discover by performing certain actions in a program. This secret might have been hidden a little nicely …

Easter eggs are always fun to find because they provide a simple glimpse into the relaxing moment at the usually frenetic pace of software development. This, in particular, is even desired 25 years To be returned to the light.

It was to discover an Easter egg hidden in the Windows 95 Internet Mail program The firstFamous for its discoveries related to the world of Windows. The concerned secret opens a window that displays a scrolling list of the names of the developers of the respective program.

It’s never too late to find an Easter egg. I’ve noticed an Easter egg like never before in Windows 95 / IE4 Internet Mail. You need to open its About window, select one of the files and type MORTIMER. The names of the developers of the program will begin to scrollYesterday, the first early tweets.

To get to the Easter egg, you only need:

  • To open Internet mail
  • Click Help and then Around
  • When the information screen opens, click on the file comctl32.dll Listed so that they are distinguished
  • To write Motimer On the keyboard
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After writing “MortimerA small window will appear that will start listing the names of the internet mail developers, as shown in the video below.

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