Windows 12, here is the concept of the new operating system that can convince everyone

With Windows 8, Microsoft has looked for a very innovative approach that is primarily dedicated to the touch screen. Users didn’t appreciate it much and the company integrated a hybrid interface on Windows 10, and returned more to traditional input systems with Windows 11. But what will Windows 12 look like? To imagine a concept posted by Addy Visuals channel that shows many interesting ideas.

Windows 12 has yet to be confirmed by Microsoft, but the company has shown some clues as to the path it will take. It should launch by the end of 2024, with Microsoft possibly revising some UI elements such as the app bar, system drawer, and weather widgets and adding a search bar at the top reminiscent of mobile environments.

Here is Windows 12 in a concept reimagined to please everyone

While on the one hand the innovations shown in what is considered the first screenshot of Windows 12 are somewhat reminiscent of macOS, on the other hand the concept of Addy Visuals wants to please all users a little. Here we find the application bar divided into sections, which It gives the user great customization possibilities.

It is precisely this last aspect that has drawn the most criticism on Windows 11, with many aspects of the user interface arbitrarily selected by Microsoft without leaving much choice for the user. Among the novelties in the concept that would send Windows users into raptures for example The ability to move widgets from the dashboard to the desktopsomething Windows already allowed you to do in the Vista days, but on Windows 11 that’s not possible and probably won’t be.

Here is Windows 12 in a concept reimagined to please everyone

Then the concept demonstrates possibility Create application folders in the system tray, in order to organize this section in a more orderly manner, with a smart anchor in which to define some quick settings on files and folders. Don’t miss the redesigned File Explorer with modern transparencies, which includes a file “drop zones” Where the user can enter files and folders to be reused at a later time.

It is very unlikely that Microsoft will take a cue from a Concept by Addy Visualsalthough many of the new features are close to what Windows users want: choice, variety, and stylistic consistency.

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