Windows 11, Microsoft is increasingly putting the Control Panel on the sidelines

Microsoft has been preparing for a long time The most painless transition from the traditional control panel to the latest settings. During 2021 I’ve made several changes to the settings, and in the past few weeks I’ve started a few new things that seem to want to permanently get rid of the cherished old Control Panel.

In the latest version of Windows 11 A feed for the developer channel insiders (22509.1011And KB5008918Microsoft has moved advanced network settings to a new settings page, which includes sharing options for folders and printers, and new network discovery options. Some items of network and hardware related screens on Windows 11 are also managed directly in Settings, without making a redirect to the Control Panel. We talked about this new version In the past few weeks, at the same time as the December 1 release occurred, deepening Notepad news e When changing the default browser. Then the news surfaced recently Skin TheVerge.

In Windows 11, we are moving towards canceling the Control Panel

The American site focuses on the progressive side Leave Control Panel in Windows 11For example, quoting from the links on the Control Panel used to uninstall apps, which now leads to the Settings app, or to the Uninstall updates section, which with the latest Insider build is part of Settings. This process actually started with Windows 10, after the first version of Modern Settings was introduced on Windows 8. Settings has co-existed with the Control Panel until now to preserve the operating system’s historical customization features Control Panel abolition seems increasingly imminent, which is still dear to old users today.

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As TheVerge writes, Settings is designed to offer a clean, up-to-date application for managing the operating system’s hardware and software features. In our opinion, a kind of stylistic maturity has been reached in Windows 11 that was missing in previous versions of Settings, and with the introduction of new functions and screens, the Control Panel looks increasingly redundant. It should be noted that Microsoft has never officially admitted its desire to get rid of the Control Panel, but now there are many clues that seem to be leading exactly in this direction.

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