Windows 11 could change games forever

Windows 11 has finally decided to run for cover. It could change one of the biggest epidemics of video games ever

windows 11 and the battle against cheaters (source

Inside the Windows 11 developer team sees great characters, including the one who made League of Legends and Valorant, or Riot Games. Surely we have noticed that there is one of the most common problems that users complain about in many games, Especially within FPS. An epidemic has also plagued the Call of Duty Vanguard beta, according to Tom HendersonIt also seems bent on making an impact in Battlefield 2042. But what’s so bad about it?

We recently witnessed the introduction of Windows 11, which started with a noteworthy premise. Something that describes itself as a Microsoft operating system Able to protect in the best way All information. This is a very important element for gamers all over the world, since the developers’ intention is to make it evidence of a real epidemic destroying the world of online games.

Windows 11 and Anti Cheaters

windows 11
Windows 11 and the battle against cheaters (source Twitter)

In genere I’m a cheater They use two programs named embot Wallack. Both the first and the second are able to interact with all game data, which helps players a lot during the game. The first gives the possibility of taking aim automatically and succeeding in a shot to the head is always infallible.

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The second instead allows you to find all the opponents who are on the other side of the walls, manage their surprise and thus defeat them. However, among the well-known and widely used games, it is impossible not to mention Call of Duty Warzone, a title that sees every monthRemove multiple accounts Specifically for practices and uses that do not comply with the rules. This is a fight against cheaters that Activision pursues mercilessly.

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