Windows 10 revolution, all new icons on Windows Explorer: Here are the first images

There are two types of Microsoft’s plans Feature updates for Windows 10In 2021. The first is directly at home and will not implement much news, the second will be proposed in the second half of the year and will bring about a stylistic revolution. The update, known internally as Sun Valley, should add New graphics as well as variations on the Start menu. And with the latest version available to Insider users, we can see some news.

Microsoft releasedWindows 10 Insider Preview, version 21343, Which introduces prof A new set of icons inside the Explorer app. In the past, when Microsoft updated OS icons, this wasn’t always a real revolution, but in this case the differences with the previous icons are evident. Microsoft itself has accompanied the novelty by appropriately describing it in Latest release on the official blog.

Windows 10 21H2, with new design also new icons

What changes are the main default icons of the operating system, not just in Explorer, such as those for folders, or those related to the recycle bin or drives installed on the system. Microsoft hasn’t officially specified this, but until a release Windows 10 21H2 operating system. Microsoft will likely hear feedback from Insider users, and may change some of them if requested en masse.

In the past, Microsoft for example tried to change some OS icons, and later tracks down its steps after negative user feedback. In the newly released version, the new icons weren’t the only novelty: Microsoft updated the Windows Administrative Tools folder, renaming it to Windows Tools, while some features were enabled in the Chinese version of the system. Knowledgeable users can downloadWindows 10 build 21343 From the page Windows Update Dependent SettingsAnd participate in Dev Channel.

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