Windows 10 is not activated, and Microsoft Support is unlocking it with a crack

An official Microsoft support engineer used an unofficial “crack” of a customer’s Windows. The latter purchased a legitimate copy of Windows 10 Professional on the official website, but failed to activate it on his computer. So he contacted Microsoft support, and the support engineer decided to resort to an unofficial crack to unblock the situation in order to close the user ticket as soon as possible.

Official Microsoft Technician uses crack to activate Windows 10 for a customer

Circumventing operating system protection can have devastating effects on user privacy and on the security of the system in use. However, the South African programmer and content creator Wesley Beeburn He reported his experience online, which was then taken up by and Tell from computer: “I can’t believe it. The official Windows 10 Pro key that I purchased from the Microsoft Store won’t activate. Support couldn’t help me yesterday”I had had written On the pro tweet.

Official Microsoft Technician uses crack to activate Windows 10 for a customer

The turning point, completely unexpected, came the next day: “Official Microsoft Support (not a scammer) logged into my system with Quick Assist and ran a command to activate Windows”, which is actually a crack implementation from external sources for activation. Beyburn also contacted the personnel of the service used to perform the operation, who responded that the procedure was “unofficial and illegal”, and received candid confirmation of his hunch.

Pyburn commented, “I can’t believe Microsoft’s response to a buggy activation system is to hack their official support channels” “It’s literally easier to crack Windows than to pay for a valid license”.

Microsoft uses a DRM technology, called Microsoft Product Activation, to check whether a copy of your operating system is valid or is the result of an activation that was illegal. The legitimate procedure can be done through various processes: applying a 25-character code or digital authorization, or the operating system can be activated through a phone call.

On the other hand, the process for an official support technician involves contacting an unofficial repository that includes “activator” software for Windows and Office, which is exactly what Pyburn wanted to avoid by purchasing an operating system license: “The reason I did is that I wanted to avoid installing rootkits and other malware, and they used a crack in the OS for me”. The technician’s action was done to save assistance time, but it clearly went against Microsoft’s guidance.

The source called, the company replied “The method described is against our policies”. Microsoft stands Investigate the incident and take steps to ensure that appropriate procedures are followed to assist with the Company’s products and services..

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