Windows 10 2004 (May 2020 Update) is now available to all users

Microsoft Announce it Windows 10 2004 operating system It has moved to the largest distribution channel and should be available to all users through Windows Update. Starting on February 3, in fact, the status on the official support site has changed, which has moved to: “Windows 10, version 2004 went into extended deployment. The recommended maintenance state is the semi-annual channel (semi-annual channel)”.

Launched in May 2020, Windows 10 2004 operating system (Also known as the May 2020 Update) has gone through a targeted targeting process and thus has not been suggested to all users. According to the current distribution process, in fact, the Updates with Windows 10 features Released only on systems with tested and verified combinations of hardware and software. Only when Microsoft thinks a particular version is suitable for installation on all systems (or a wide range) does the version itself move to the larger distribution channel.

And this happened with Windows May 2020 Update Several months after it was released to the public, as has already happened with previous releases. Moving to the last stage of distribution means just that Windows 10 2004 can be installed on any computer through Windows Update, Unless there is a compatibility lock on a specific system that has software or hardware components installed.

How to install Windows 10 2004

How to do From an updated version with all the latest patches available, an automatic download should be suggested soon. If not, then simply access Settings (right-click start menu > Settings), Access the page Update and security And from the tab Windows Update To press Check for updates. Once the scan is finished, just start the package installation procedure for the new version.

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The latest version of Windows 10 is still October 2020 Update (20H2), Not much different from the May Update but only available to “researchers”. With many of the Windows 10 1909 SKUs nearing the end of support in May 2021, Microsoft allows the latest version of Windows 10 to be downloaded for a limited group of users using Windows 10 1903 and above.

But who are the “researchers”? Users simply search for new updates through the Windows Update screen in Settings. The company owns Advertise Plans to “slowly” accelerate version availability to ensure a smooth upgrade experience for anyone with a version of an operating system that is about to become outdated in their system.

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