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There are problems today February 3, 2021 with Wind Tree, Which appears to contain more than the first mentioned operators. There are thousands, seconds Bottom detector, Users Wind that It is not possible to receive and / or make calls. In fact, the problem isn’t the same for everyone, but basically not so much in being unable to receive phone calls.

Likewise, users of other operators (for example TIM, Poste Mobile, Iliad, and Vodafone) cannot make calls to Wind numbers, and also report them as Terminated On social networks. For now, the company hasn’t voiced itself on the issue yet, but if you can’t make or take calls with Wind today February 3, you aren’t alone. It is also not certain that you have problems both incoming and outgoing at the same time (according to our tests 9.

Let us know in the comments if you also have connection issues Wind Or if you have problems (of any kind) with other operators involved (because the situation is not yet fully clear).

UpdateOrezzat 20:15

Some users have also reported problems connecting to the Internet for their Wind SIM.

UpdateOre 23:00

Late in the evening, the issue appears to have settled for almost all users.

Update04/02/2021 – RAW 09:00

For some users “Down” Looks like it’s back, for others, including some of our readers, the problem persists. above Downdetector There are various reports for Wind, 3 Italia and Iliad users. The latter in some regions of Italy is still dependent on Wind3-owned networks. For now, it appears that there are no communications from Wind3 regarding the issues that started yesterday, Feb 3rd.

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UpdateRikaz 13:30

With tweet WindTre that the problem has been resolved throughout Italy. The problem is defined as random (and thus random).

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