Wimbledon, Sinner flies to debut: Wawrinka win

London – Excellent appearance for Yannick Sener Moving on to the second round of Wimbledon3rd Grand Slam of the season, batting Stan Wawrinka. I fought the game for it“South Tyrol, number 13 in the world ranking, who eventually overtook the Swiss, number 267 in the ranking but reached third place in his career, With a score of 7-5, 4-6, 6-3, 6-3 in two hours and forty minutes of play.

Sener-Wafrinka, the match

The first group is very close, with kafir who immediately tries to continue but Wawrinka He does not give in and responds to his blows. In 5-5 the blue player dominates the match, wins the next two matches, and thus wins the first set in 54 minutes with a score 7-5. The immediate reaction of the Swiss tennis player who takes the second set with a score 6-4: Everything that will be rebuilt for Sinner. In the third set, Blue recovers and capitalizes on its fatigue, moves forward again, and also closes To eliminate the opponent in the seventh inning. Sinner takes the third set with a score 6-3. The fourth and final set is the same as the previous set, with Altonesino in control and the Swiss trying to recover. Sinner, who also risks getting hurt by flooding the crowd during Game Five, wins the fourth set with a score 6-3 And fly to the second turn.

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