Wimbledon is also played on Middle Sunday: the story and what it is

Historically in Wimbledon, in the middle of a Sunday, people didn’t take to the field chanting “Never on Sunday.” But since this year, everything has changed and Middle Sunday entered the championship program. Decision made to expand reach and viewer base


Yet it is moving. as well as for Wimbledon Traditions can collapse. Around the tournament, there was always a motto: Never on a Sunday. Sunday was always sacred, and tennis was not played. In fact, al-Qaeda had little to do with religion.

Middle Sunday, the story

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In the UK, the last day of the week was historically dedicated to minor sports and the amateur leagues (even in football, the first professional Sunday match played in the UK dates back to the 1970s). The slogan “It won’t happen on Sunday” also applies to the men’s final: Until 1982 (the year of the title challenge between Americans, John McEnroe and Jimmy Connors, which the latter won) he played on Saturday, while the women’s competition was played on Friday. From that moment on, tennis opened its doors on Sunday. But Middle Sunday has held up for two reasons, the turf and the players. They both felt the need to rest after six days of stress and tension. Everyone needed a break to recharge the batteries, to be prepared for it Monday ManiaMonday of the Round of 16, the richest day of the tournament.

they change

Of course, never trust London weather: there were three copies in which in the middle of Sunday he violated the rule by playing. Blame the rain of course, which always changes plans and match schedules. From this year, however, everything changes, Middle Sunday is part of the program. The Tournament Director said a decision has been made to expand the reach and viewing base Ian Hewitt. “New technologies allow us to monitor the lawn and not let it spoil even without a day off.”

Today’s program

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And so it is on Sunday. And what a Sunday: downtown starting at 2.30pm we start with hostess Heather Watson against joules Niemeyer. After that, the first Grand Slam challenge between Carlos Alcaraz And Janik kafir, the first in a long series. Hero Novak closes the program Djokovic. And one happy.

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