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Daniil Medvedev’s participation in Wimbledon is in great danger: This is great news coming out of England. The conflict in Ukraine in recent weeks has prompted the Western world to take action Clear decisions and now even Russian tennis players can pay the consequences.

Medvedev, Fresh from third-round eliminations in the Indian Wells Masters 1000, e Russian and Belarusian players During this period they obtained permission from the World Tennis Government to continue playing Without any indication of their season flag. This, however, may not be enough for Wimbledon, Where the procedures can be more stringent. Specifically regarding this, British Sports Minister Nigel Huddleston said:No one should be licensed to fly the Russian flagTo participate in the Grand Slam tournaments.

Then Huddleston himself continued:We’re talking to various sports about this and what the answer should be: No one flying the Russian flag should ever be allowed or licensed to play. I think we need to go further, I think we need more certainty that these athletes are not Vladimir Putin supporters. We are assessing the requirements we may need to obtain this insurance“.

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In short, in short Huddleston seems to want a statement from the Russian and Belarusian tennis players that they are far from Putin’s mind. idea, that UK Sports Ministerwhich if confirmed would surely lead to many discussions.

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