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Play Station will buy Square Enix After the latter has sold Eidos Monreal And Crystal Dynamics For Embracer Group? There are many rumors about this, and journalist Jeff Grob spoke about them directly, and gave his opinion about what could happen.

Yesterday we wrote two editorials on the subject, one to explain what the Embracer Group is and one to explain in the fact that PlayStation and Xbox have missed out on Legacy of Kain, Tomb Raider and Deus Ex, these important brands are only being sold for. 300 million dollars Along with the development teams you’ve built.

A very low number, which Square Enix requested from Embracer Group, but enough to make the Japanese publisher somewhat more attractive, which alone with Marvel games lost $ 200 million in two years, given the potential Sony acquisition.

Is this a reasonable hypothesis? According to Jeff Group, it’s certainly more today than it was yesterday, meaning the sale of Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal could already be facilitation This type of operation. The reporter pointed out that acquisitions are rarely predicted through leaks, and it is difficult to predict them because they are carried out with the utmost secrecy.

Final Fantasy 16, the protagonist prepares for a sword strike

In fact, if you think about it, the cooperation relationship between Square Enix and Sony is so strong and lasts so long that a possible purchase of the Japanese company will not change the scenario much. Final Fantasy 16 is a PlayStation exclusive like many other games in the series, Forspoken as well.

In short, the eventual acquisition won’t surprise much and probably won’t be long in the future, if things really are that way: unlike Microsoft, “banned” by its massive Activision Blizzard operation, Sony has its hand free and it will go buy a Japanese publisher too, without facing the reserved resistance of Western buyers.

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How do you think things? Did Square Enix really try to mitigate in favor of Sony acquisition? Does the publisher network make sense to buy its western brands and teams? Let’s talk about.

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