Will you be among the free games of March with PS Plus?

It’s been a long time since we heard about what was expected Qena: Spirits Bridge, Adventure-branded action Amber Lab Which according to some rumors, is supposed to debut during the month of March 2021.

This is exactly why from the inside German, Who has already guessed in the past Sony’s subsequent moves with its predictions, has shared a social media post claiming that the game can be accessed for free to PlayStation users who subscribe to Plus. Although it is unlikely that this will be another big hit for the Japanese company, which in recent months has been spoiling its users with a series of beloved titles: only in February, players with an active subscription were able to redeem the Ultimate Edition. control (Contains a free upgrade for PlayStation 5) e Destroy all starsAvailable from day one for PS Plus users. If this prediction is confirmed by Sony, it will be the second month in a row to introduce a brand new game to the catalog.

We remind you of that The title does not have an official release date yet It cannot be pre-ordered on the PlayStation Store. Sony typically uses this technology to ensure users cannot pre-order upcoming titles for free to subscribers, as it did a few weeks ago with AllStars’ Destruction and coinciding with the PS5 debut with Bugsnax. However, it must be said that in the comments to the tweet, there are those who are suggesting to include Kena in the PS Plus lineup later, ideally in May or June.

However, it won’t take long to figure out what an March 2021 free games with PS PlusSince the announcement It should arrive later in the week.

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