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world of cans Could be landing soon X-Box With the full release, and according to an alleged leak that surfaced on Reddit, the ad will arrive within Game prizes 2021.

Enhanced in the past few months with the Shadowlands Domain Chains update, World of Warcraft launched a full seventeen years ago, but it’s still the standard for the MMORPG genre and it boasts Millions of players.

We’re also talking about a title that has never received a console release, so it’s possible except For the Microsoft platform, it will certainly mark an important milestone, also with the goal of relaunching it for a new audience.

As mentioned at the beginning, the news comes from a post that was posted on Reddit but immediately removed, which included an image from the source code of the Xbox site that noted World of Warcraft: Complete Edition in “soon” with the date given on December 9.

On the same date as the 2021 Game Awards, hence the corollary that an announcement might come during the show, possibly with the game’s immediate launch on Xbox.

Reliable leak or fake? We’ll find out exactly that during the Game Awards 2021, which will take place on the night between December 9-10, starting at 2.00.

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