Will the multiplayer game suddenly launch in early November? –

There is a strange rumor going around infinite aura, who would like early sudden release subordinate multiplayer From the game, which arrives even these days and is scheduled for November 15, which is the date the 20-year celebration is set on Xbox.

The question is obviously very questionable, considering thatExit Halo Infinite is set for December 8, 2021 and 343 industries will likely want to use it all the time until the last possible moment to be able to finish fixing things, but it’s also true that multiplayer, in particular, may find itself in the situation. Already advanced.

According to some purported insiders, but we don’t have much information frankly, there is a possibility that the free multiplayer game from Halo Infinite, with its first battle arcade campaign titled Heroes of Reach, will reach November 15, with a surprise launch during the Xbox 20th anniversary celebrations.

You obviously take the whole thing as a somewhat wild rumor and that telling the truth is not likely right now. It’s true that multiplayer has already shown itself in excellent shape during last month’s beta testing phases, but it’s hard to deliver a game of this scale for a month, let alone such a complicated period when games are regularly delayed.

Meanwhile, yesterday we saw the first few minutes of the Halo Infinite campaign, while last week also appeared Digital Foundry’s analysis, cautiously optimistic.

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