Will the Master Chief Collection also be released on other platforms? –

Halo: The Master Chief Collection He could come Other platforms, This is what appears to emanate from a mysterious pointer found in the latest update of 343 industries On Halo Waypoint, which opens up rather bold assumptions.

In the February 5 update on the Halo universe reference site, 343 Industries regularly posts Ads Inbound related to the series, we also read the upcoming changes planned for Halo: The Master Chief Collection, such as support Slider FOV, More options Customize controls And more.

Among the last points we also read the ambiguous sentence “and perhaps A. A new place and a new way to playObviously, this opens up to various speculations, as some have already thrown themselves into imagining Halo PS5 o Nintendo Switch, But the explanation is likely to be simpler indeed.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection was largely the only game where xCloud iOS was tested initially, and 343 Industries could refer to the group’s access to other platforms through xCloud, possibly with an extension of this to Computer via browser Or such systems from Stadia, which is expected in time for Microsoft’s cloud gaming service.

Other potential possibilities might relate to availability in other PC stores such as GOG or the Epic Games Store, but also to looking at how the phrase is set, with reference to “place” and “method”, the most logical idea is that it relates to the extension of Halo: The Master usage Chief Collection by xCloud, awaiting further explanation.

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