Will Starfield be at E3 2021 from Xbox and Bethesda? The official logo suggests this –

Microsoft announced this evening that the conferenceE3 2021 on Xbox and Bethesda, Which will be holding a joint event, will be held on the 13th of June. In addition to revealing the schedule and some details about what awaits us during the event, Redmond has also released a custom artwork, in which we can see Halo Masterchief. However, one detail allows us to assume that there will also be room for this Starfield.

As you can see in the tweet below, in fact, the planet in the center of the image (its core, in a very symbolic way, is the logo X-Box) In part of an almost identical portion of the planet (but slightly rotated) which can be seen in the image of the Starfield logo.

If you look closely, in fact, you will see that, even with some color differences and with the effect of extra light that confuses the eye, there are the same rivers and lakes on this planet. This is clearly a reference to Starfield Xbox’s side isn’t necessarily indicating that we’ll see Bethesda at E3 2021, but alternate options are scarce at the moment. For now, we can only take it as a guess and not something official, however.

Assuming Starfield is atE3 2021What shall we see? According to Jason Schreyer, there will be room for an official release date. For all the details about Microsoft’s conference, here’s our personalized news.

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