Will PES 2022 be free? Konami will upset the eFootball series due to new rumors –

from the next day PES 2022 It will be a detailed chapter that has been understood for some time. First Konami I decided to abandon Fox Engine and embrace Unreal Engine 4. In addition, an unnamed beta version was launched online to test the capabilities of network code and networking. Then there are rumors. The last one indicates that the game can become free to play. A very aggressive move, but it would be a tangible sign of Konami’s comeback in style.

It was the reporter who said that Andy Robinson by VGC. He did it on the mics for the Off The Record podcast. According to him, the PES series will see some big changes in the coming months. The biggest will be the new free to play model.

“Konami is slowly making a comeback and from what I’ve heard, there are going to be some new changes for the PES series.” Robinson said. “For example, it will run for free and will change dramatically during the year.”

This would be a true Copernican change for the Japanese series. A change, for now, should be taken into account, as Konami lacks official status. However, something is brewing and in the coming weeks Konami will present PES 2022, talk about the crossover version and possibly announce a name change.

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