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Will Meghan Markle never return to the UK? From London for sure: “not very popular”

Meghan Markle will miss the coronation of King Charles III: she may never set foot in the UK again.

Finally, the news everyone in the UK has been waiting for has arrived. After keeping the royal family on its toes for several weeks, Meghan and Harry dissolved the hold And they informed their decision about the invitation they received from King Charles III to the coronation on May 6, 2023. In Westminster Abbey, where the official ceremony will take place, There will only be Prince Harry, While Meghan Markle will remain in California with the couple’s children, Archie and Lilibet.

Unpopularity leads Megan to a radical choice – ANSA photo –

Thus ends another chapter of the clash between the Sussex family and the royal family, which has become more bitter after the release of Harry’s autobiography, spare – minor. Last month, all was said about the negotiations between the two parties, with publications in British newspapers The alleged requests of the spouses Being present at the coronation ceremony, including the insane $11 million (never confirmed).

But why did Meghan decide not to be crowned? The official justification is that the Duchess must take care of her children, who are still very young: Only on May 6, Archie will be 4 years old, while Lilibet will be two years old in June. But the truth is, the former Suits actress is well aware of that not be loved Within the royal family as well as in the United Kingdom.

Meghan contemplates an exciting move: It would never happen in the UK

The latest polls reveal this in the last places The Duke and Duchess of Sussex rank the royals most revered by their subjects. Also for this, Megan will seriously consider a decision that will be exciting.

Meghan may never return to London – Photo ANSA –

In an interview with Corriere della Sera, Johnny Damon – BBC News reporter and royal correspondent – had his say on Meghan Markle: “The Duchess is not popular with the British at the moment Damon’s words I wouldn’t be surprised If Megan decides to never set foot in it again in the UK“.

And what about Harry? If no one in the royal family wants to do business with Meghan, it doesn’t seem like the situation is very different for the prince, which would get a lukewarm reception. Nobody forgave Harry for renouncing royal titles and continuing attacks on the royal family: the biography overflowed and This angered King Charles IIIwho absolutely did not understand the accusations against Queen Camilla.

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