Will Maria de Filippi reach San Remo on skis? Here comes the denial

Those big maneuvers around the tables

Economie, p. 130, by Monica Sita.

Maria de Filippi Back to sanremo 2022 And take it to a stageAriston He would technically be a manager Vincenzo Novare, founder of the group 3 Italy And today at the top of Milan Cortina 2026. Apparently Economie, In fact, Novary That would close the package with De Filippi, Elodie e Frida Polanyi Practically no cost Opinion. When sporting and patriotic needs triumph, one might say, public service also benefits from it. Based on sanremo We also chatted in the corridors of viale Mazzini in the days just leading up to the New Year, when the hypothesis arose to commission a bar with Elisa Iswardi.

orphan from coke test For two years, the presenter from Piedmont, talented and beautiful, has tried her hand at talent Dancing with the Stars And then she was in the castFamous Island. But it lacks a program of its own). So at aunt Mara Venere He invited her as a guest Sunday in And she celebrated it properly, Elissa was happy to feel the warmth of her audience around her Opinion. Not yet known for sure whether there isoardese will participate in San Remo 2022, but the big maneuvers on festival widely underway.

From Fiorello to Obama

It is almost certain that he will return to Ariston Fiorello, super shoulder Amadeus Who was caught by paparazzi in recent days having lunch with his wife Giovanna Civitello In a historical restaurant in the Parioli area for a sweet chat between the first course and the dessert. There are many names among the international guests; There are those who argue that it can only reach Barack Obama with his wife MichelleHowever, these rumors may be completely unfounded.
(complete in Economie)

A few hours later, he was banished from the news agency Adnkronos: “on the stage Ariston Theater for every San Remo 2022 So they won’t go up Maria de Filippi, Elodie e Frida Polanyi. According to Adnkronos, Economic expects them to be in festival As part of the launch Winter Olympics From Milan Cortina 2026 It was flatly rejected in festival circles.

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(in the picture Maria de Filippi)

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