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According to one user on Reddit, you should get All the stuff For the aesthetic customization of Season 1 of Multiplayer infinite aura It will be needed More than a thousand dollars.

Estimated based on A The last datamin Which would have revealed that all 88 packs had arrived in the In-Store during Season 1. These include an astonishing number of items, such as skins for weapons, armor, and vehicles, as well as pendants, shapes, and emblems.

Based on the leaked items and pricing of those already available from the first week after the launch of the Halo Infinite multiplayer beta, according to redditor samurai1226’s calculations, it will be necessary 1035 dollars To purchase all Season 1 items, considering all items that cannot be unlocked for free once you play.

Halo Infinite, an appearance of Season 1
Halo Infinite, an appearance of Season 1

It is still an estimate that in turn depends on the datamin, so it may turn out to be very inaccurate. We are also talking about items that don’t offer any real advantage in the game. However, in free games, such as Fortnite and Apex Legends, it is not uncommon to see double-digit customization items for sale. Just to give an example, the Ninetales skin arrived for around €40 on Pokémon Unite.

To stay on the Halo Infinite theme, the developers of 343 Industries have balanced the campaign on the basis of normal difficulty, where in the past they were climbing or ascending starting with Heroic.

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