Will it be the future of marketing?

WhatsApp has started working on a new feature newslettersHowever, it may take several months before they see the light of day.

The first traces are found in the Android beta. Newsletters can be accessed from the Status tab.

Apparently, it will be possible to search for websites or in any case the sources of these newsletters directly from WhatsApp. To make the functionality easier to understand, imagine searching for “iSpazio” in this new section. It will find a bot to subscribe to and then, on a daily or weekly basis, this bot can send you newsletters or messages (always read via Whatsapp) with a summary of the best published articles and with links to learn more.

Another example could relate to e-commerce and shops to send out newsletters with promotions or updated flyers to customers. In short, the uses are many, Email newsletters have been around for years and WhatsApp wants to become the nerve center for their development and in-app delivery. Once you succeed, you will think about how to make money.

At the moment, the feature is still in its infancy and knowing the development times of WhatsApp, it may be necessary to wait a long time for it to materialize.

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