Will Hogwarts Legacy be dubbed into Italian? The answer comes from the official video on YouTube Nerd4.life

Hogwarts Legacy Sarah dubbed in Italian. This was confirmed by Warner Bros. Same in describing the Italian version of the gameplay video shown last night in the latest State of Play, available at Youtube.

let’s read Official descriptionHighlighting the part where we are talking about dubbing:

Hogwarts Legacy is imbued with immersive magic that puts players at the center of their adventure. As a fifth-year student with a rare ability to master ancient and powerful magic, players will experience never-before-seen stories and embark on a perilous journey to discover a hidden truth to the wizarding world. Over the course of the adventure, they will develop their characters’ skills by learning to master powerful spells, brewing potions and collecting magical plants as they face deadly enemies. Along the way, they will make new friends who can accompany them, interact with the school’s professors, and challenge threats that may put the future of people with magical abilities at risk.

The final match will be dubbed entirely in Italian

So those who do not know English or another language that is more frequent than ours, will be happy to hear the sounds of understandable words in the scattered rhymes.

We contacted Warner Bros. For further confirmation and we have been assured that the game will indeed be dubbed into Italian.

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