Will Fiat Uno Cross be the name of the future B-SUV?

future of Fiat It is one of those still shrouded in mystery among the Stellantis brands. While Alfa Romeo, Lancia and Maserati have more or less announced or at least hinted at the futuristic cars that will mark their range in the coming years, many things are still unknown from the major Italian car manufacturer. One of the few facts is that a new B-SUV should be revealed next year. According to the latest rumors, he can be summoned Fiat Uno Cross.

Will Fiat Uno Cross be the name of the future B-SUV for the main Italian manufacturer?

The name Fiat Uno Cross isn’t too surprising as rumors have already swirled in recent months that the Uno name could be dusted off. Indeed Olivier FrancoisFiat’s number one confirmed the possibility of wanting to use one of the names that is part of the history of the main Italian car manufacturer for some future models.

The reference goes to the so-called panda family which will oppose the 500 family which in the design will take a cue from the concept Fiat Centofenti. As far as this family of cars is concerned, there should be at least two models in Part B and one or two models in Part C.

Obviously the news has yet to be confirmed, but it seems increasingly likely that the Uno name will be dusted off. Most likely already in the next few months about this model more details should appear and perhaps eventually the name will be made official.

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Fiat Uno Cross: According to the latest rumors, this may be the name of the future B-SUV that Fiat will produce in Poland from 2023

We remind you that the new Fiat Uno Cross, or whatever model it is, will be produced at the factory Stilants Tichy in Poland starting next year. This is at least if there is no delay. The car will be built on the CMP platform and will be built in tandem with the as yet unnamed Alfa Romeo Brenner and Jeep B-SUV.

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