Wicked West | Review – A Western in Gothic Sauce

Flying wild dog He returns to consoles and PC with Evil West, an action title set in a unique Old West. The video game attempts to mix the classic vibrations of frontiers, with some stylistic features of the gothic and steampunk horror genre.

The Frontier meets vampires

In short, as can be seen from the outset, evil west It’s kind of like “setting” genres, styles, and narrative styles, which isn’t a bad thing in and of itself but can get bad if you can’t find the right balance. The plot of the title begins in media resolution, after Instruments Jesse RenterThe son of the director of the institute of the same name. The Rentier Institute, within this extravagant action, has been in the US for a long time, keeping the good-natured American people from the dangers of “leeches” and vampires (obviously of all kinds and all sauces). However, the Institute is the victim of a brutal attack by vampires, who have found a new leader capable of upending their dark and complex vampire traditions in favor of daring (and risky) genetic experiments. In short, the story continues in a broad trajectory predictable And it is clear even if he benefited from some charisma characters that are beyond doubt. The strong point of the production, and I think one of the main reasons for the good curiosity shown by audiences and critics before release, is served by this extravagant, hybrid Far West, full of references to a very different narrative. kinds of classics western (Be it American lyricism or the more daring spaghetti western).

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evil west

Unfortunately I think so hybridization, in light of both plot and game elements, really uninspired, especially on the purely ‘Western’ side – which certainly needs to be changed and reversed, but which should have found more space and more depth, compared to the side almost forced insertion of quotes from American history and some revolvers. I’ll clarify right away: it’s definitely not necessary for a match like evil west We offer quality and depth Dark Tower by King, but it is also true that Flying Wild Dog’s work fails to bring out any vibrato, an atmosphere that hasn’t already been abused and taken for granted. However, the best, on the vampire side, are where the sensations the story tries to evoke—the loathing, the loathing, but also the clash of diametrically opposed worlds unable to communicate and live together—are better explained.

evil west

One could object, of course, that Evil West is a fully caciarone title, and that looking for who knows the quality of the plot or setting is out of focus, compared to the overall score. At this point, however, the structure must be emphasized a job Video game – sort of Shooter / fighting game Equipped with a skill tree – you don’t shine either, although it’s solid and good entertainment. In the Wicked West, the frontier is approached with the help of weapons taken from cowboy fantasies, and rejected in steampunkMade of valves, steam, and weird electrical appliances. The stages of the game, devoted exclusively to confrontation, can be divided into two phases: the use of melee, with which it is possible to inflict great damage and the use of firearms, intended to eliminate a few enemies with the first shot or to assist us in fights. Rejecting the option not to introduce pistols and the like in the center of the scene, relegating her role to a more supporting role, Evil the West In a somewhat non-Western way, without affecting the user’s enjoyment. Events unfold in a frenzy, thanks to the “Gauntlet” From the Rentier Institute, a kind of massive metal punch, capable of luring or propelling us towards enemies with an electric beam, then savagely erupting with a series of combos, consisting of both melee attacks and pistol shots. As mentioned earlier, the shooter component instead serves as a synergistic tool for combat and wave management, which isn’t quite as demanding, at least on Normal difficulty (which is the one specifically marked by the developers as “official”).

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evil west

Technically flat

Then Evil West tries to enter dynamics Already known in contemporary work, such as Trunks Full of Dollars or Aesthetic Objects and some collectibles. Unfortunately, however, the maps are too simplistic, with the action taking place on such clear paths to eliminate the feeling of “exploration” usually associated with searching for secondary objects. Again, I can’t help but criticize, gently but unfailingly, the approach to character movements, with entirely scripted sequences (press A to cross an abyss with a rope etc.) and its overly detached from the context of the game. The presence of a skill tree, as well as some upgrades that can be purchased with dollars, along with battles frantic And full of different types of monsters it softens the feeling of cliché due to the imperfect success of the maps and narrative, entertaining and distracting the player from production flaws.

evil west

Technically speaking Evil West looks beautiful on the date, except for some flashy and cinematic CGI videos. However, unfortunately, there are repetitive and poorly taken care of environments from the point of view of textures, as well as stuffed with insignificant decorative elements to say the least (I understand that sometimes it is necessary to fill the maps with incoherent objects, but the Evil West sometimes looks like dioramas from an amusement park And I don’t mean that in a good way.) The animation, while accurate in movements and in rendering melee engagements, is devoid of bite. Moreover, the developers decided to starkly highlight the interactive elements in order to return the feeling of repulsiveness and not at all pleasant in terms of immersion and realism – here it is clear: the reproduction of photorealistic reality is not required, but it is still useful for Experience Play at least a certain amount plausibility. The MusicFinally, they rely heavily on the standard imposed by Maestro Moreconi, without the same lyricism and without the same quality (but this is normal). Although they do their job, they fail to recover the general flatness described above regarding plot and visual construction of Evil West.

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