Wi-Fi, gym and bar at Bibby Stockholm: This is where the UK wants to put illegal immigrants

To counter illegal immigration in the UK arrived Baby StockholmA huge floating barge where the British Prime Minister is, Rishi Sunak, I decided to send all illegal asylum seekers to this structure in the middle of the sea to await the outcome of the procedure. positive? Back to the mainland. negative? Exit to the country of origin. Boris Johnson’s plan to implement deportations In Rwanda it was shelved by its moderate successor, but not abandoned. The current tenant of Downing Street has come up with a different but nonetheless radical plan to keep illegal immigrants in the UK in check despite the usual protests from the left, which seem to be no different in any latitude.

Sunak was able to move forward with this solution because with Brexit he no longer has any obligations to the EU and can run his affairs freely. Anti-migration strategy. So here comes Bibby Stockholm, which can currently hold up to 500 immigrants. Some call it a kind of floating Alcatraz but in fact, within this free zone that has been laid out in front of the Port of Portland, there are several means of comfort (as they call it in those parts), including 222 rooms, offices, canteens, courtyards, wi-fi hookup, gym, bar, restaurant, and games rooms.

Before returning to England, where it was built, the barge Bibby Limited that built it had been stationed in Genoa for some time, as evidenced by Companion official website, which did not specify the reason for this stay. Obviously, it is impossible to say which of these facilities will be given to the migrants, but Sunak considers that this is the right solution to manage the problem. It’s not an innovative gimmick, given that other countries in the past have already opted for something similar, using Bibby Stockholm in some cases, which the Netherlands rejected instead because of “unfair“For illegal immigrants hosted. Irregular immigration in the UK is at its peak: never before have so many arrivals the Conservatives have been forced in recent months to adopt emergency solutions to avert social disasters such as those in Europe.

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Using Bibby Stockholm is part of a packageillegal Immigration BillWhich does not exclude the possibility of deporting illegal immigrants who do not obtain asylum to Rwanda, which receives 140 million euros in return, even if the various rulings reject this strategy, because the country will not be considered safe. The rationale for the government’s ruling is very strong: no one who arrives irregularly on UK soil can have the right to asylum. This too was only possible after the Exodus from Europe and is thought to be the correct way forward Not encouraging arrivals.

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