Why you should not prevent sneezing: what are the risks

What are the consequences of preventing sneezing and why is it a good idea not

Why not prevent sneezing: what are the risks

Whether you sneeze into the elbow or mask, do it out loud, or protect yourself with two hands, it doesn’t matter, the important thing is not to hold it! Sneezing should not be prevented: It is a normal reaction that occurs when an irritant comes into contact with the mucous membranes of the nose.

However, often, due to education or because we find ourselves in a quiet place or in an uncomfortable situation, such as being inside an elevator or on a first date, Frustrate sneezing. Nothing more wrong. You should never stop sneezing.

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What is sneezing and why sneeze

Sneezing is prof The defense mechanism of our organism. It is a physiological reaction that is automatically activated to protect us. In fact, when an irritant substance comes into contact with the mucous membranes of the upper airways, our bodies do the most obvious and natural thing: They send it away.

Our receptors in the nasal cavities, pharynx, and palate when they register too high for a specific pathogen – such as pollen or dust – send Brain impulses that regulate the defense response, Or sneezing. This reaction also occurs when there is a cold stimulus on the skin or it also occurs when looking at the sun, called light reflection.

Of course, sneezing also occurs when you have a cold. Once the cold virus enters our bodies, the mucous membranes of the nose become inflamed and try to do so Get rid of the pathogen.

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In all of these conditions, the trigeminal nerve sends electrical signals to the respiratory center in the brain. Thus the semi-independent reactions are triggered. Within a few moments all the tissues of the airways contract, Inhale a lot of airAnd the Internal pressure increases In the lungs, the heart rate speeds up. Then the air is expelled from the nose and mouth in a violent and intermittent manner The speed can reach 160 km / h.

Sneezing is a physiological reaction of the body

Because you don’t have to hold back a sneeze

Means prevent sneezing Don’t let go of all the huge and violent process of the physiological response That stirred. Removing the nasal outlet induces very strong compressed air that has been formed Find another way to escape.

Pressure without the ability to explode on the outside risks implosion Serious harm. There might be Tear in the capillaries of the eye Or even injuries from various entities in the ear Rupture of the eardrum Or it causes sinus problems.

There have been instances where preventing sneezing has caused severe damage The patient’s life is in danger. It happened – and the British Medical Journal reported the news – to a 34-year-old British man who was reluctance to sneeze. However, one day, two hours after his sneezing stopped, he began to feel an excruciating pain in his neck. After his transfer to the hospital, doctors discovered a tracheostomy, emphysema, and a pharyngeal ulceration. The air trapped inside exploded, causing severe damage to him. The boy then happily recovered after a series of interventions and medical treatment.

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Come and star

It is proven that you have to sneeze and not hold back, the best way to do it politely is Nose and mouth repair So as not to infect the pathogenic particles in the droplets of expelled air.

Placing your hands over your nose and mouth protects others from so-called drops, but your hands then become a means of transportation if you manipulate common objects like knobs or buttons. So it would be more correct to fix nose and mouth when sneezing with elbowInstead of using your hands, or sneezing into a tissue to throw it away immediately, then proceed to sterilize your hands with a special solution.

Is it polite to say health to those who sneeze?

When someone sneezes is it polite to respond with health? In theory not or rather according to etiquette Whoever sneezes should apologize to those present. According to some studies, the habit of saying “health” when someone sneezes dates back to the Middle Ages at the time of plague. Sneezing was one of the first possible symptoms of a “black death” and the wish for health was to avoid the cause of the sneezing being just a terrible disease.

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