Why some European airlines cancel flights: reasons

Some European airlines cancel their summer flights, causing great inconvenience to travelers. Here are the main reasons.

Delayed or canceled flights

The story is that flights are canceled, even suddenly, suffer severe delays, have been going on for some time and only travelers are paying the costs.

Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has not only changed the way we all travel, it has continued to cause inconveniences, many of which are beyond repair.

air traffic in Europe It has literally faded, and in the order of inconvenience there is a deterioration in working conditions, a sharp decrease in salaries for pilots and staff on board, and, above all, a reduction in the number of employees.

Because of these three factors, a continuous series of strikes was launched that, in fact, caused great inconvenience to air traffic.

Canceled flights-Harassment

the most important European airlines Those who joined the strikes are:

  • Ryan Air: After the strike of 25, 26 and 30 June, the trade unions announced a strike on 1 and 2 July 2022.
  • Lufthansa: The airline, which also includes Eurowings, Swissair, Brussels Airlines and Austrian Airlines, will cancel 2,200 flights between July and August, cutting 900 flights.
  • British Airways: Employees of the second largest national airline in Europe joined the strikes, but until today they have not indicated specific dates, but surely, between July and August the inconveniences will be many.
  • easyJet: More than 13% of European summer flights have been cut short, and Spanish staff, the most aggressive of all, will strike July 1-3, July 15-17 and July 29-31. The cancellation of flights in August 2022 is still not certain (most likely there will be).
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Pilots and cabin crew are joining the strikes but also airports such as Schiphol in Amsterdam and Gatwich in London are working to reduce the number of daily flights and therefore the number of passengers in transit.

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