Why should we eat white meat and how many times a week

There are different and valid reasons for including white meat in our diet. That’s what they are.

there white meat It is a food that should be part of our diet. There are several reasons why you should eat it.

in Italy There are many highly thriving food products out there that certainly represent true excellence.

Italian production of meat

First of all, we can remember macaroni Which, moreover, is also an icon for Bill Paese. Moreover, toowinemaking They are getting along admirably, given that they are the most active and productive in Europe.


Meat (Facebook) – Wineandfoodtour.it

Whatever the case, perhaps, one cannot have too many doubts regarding these two sectors. A bit of confusion, however, maybe there is something about meat supply chains.

In addition to some misinformation that is often read, such as, for example, intensive farmingItaly really ranks first in this case as well.

In this sector, in fact, there are strict rules to be respected regarding Animal welfare and the Protecting cultural heritage.

In short, within the Italian borders meat production It is definitely cutting edge. However, Italians are, on average, not the largest consumers of meat globally.

Indeed, according to some estimates, it seems to grab first place in this sense United State.

In this case, Americans will consume more per capita 100 kgAnd in Italy, consumption is a little over 70 kg.

Regarding, however, the option of bringing it directly to our plate, as we know, there are many options.

The two main categories, though, are white flesh And Red meat. The latter, according to experts, if consumed in excess, can increase the risk of developing serious diseases and ailments, such as diabetes And Cardiovascular problems.

The benefits of white meat

there red meatIn fact, although it is Rich source of ironalso contains many Saturated fat Which, specifically, is harmful to the health of our bodies.

beef steak

Beef steak (Pexels) – Wineandfoodtour.it

Rather, in connection with white meat-You can find many important items inside.

when it comes to b white meattherefore, means, for example, chickthe rabbitthe turkeythe caponand so on.

Also in this case it is good not to overdo it, therefore, Do not exceed twice a week and 100 grams per person.

In any case, as already mentioned, the meat of the above animals contains a lot of meat noble proteinsIt is also valuable for muscles, skin, nails and hair.

Moreover, unlike red meat, It is low in fat And owns potassium and the selenium. Do not forget, however, that white meat also contains some interesting vitamins, namely B 3 and the B 12.

Chicken with a side of vegetables

Chicken side dish with vegetables (Pexels) – Wineandfoodtour.it

Thus, from these few lines, one can easily guess that the consumption of these foods is definitely recommended for profit appropriate energy And to improve many body functions.

And to make it even better, it is recommended to combine this type of steak with some delicious side dishes such as zuchinisOr broccoli spinach.

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